Karen Barley Lives - The first movie to unfold on Twitter

Combined Mind member, screenwriter Kristi Barnett is taking on the world of transmedia to tell her latest story and it involves the social media phenomenon.

UPDATE - Check out the Hurst Trailer below!

Whats happening to Karen Barley?


Karen Barley

Transmedia is a technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats.  As new forms of internet communication evolve, more and more film makers and writers are taking the opportunity to get their stories out to the masses.  Social networking has provided a platform for transmedia projects to flourish, allowing new and diverse ways of storytelling to emerge.


Kristi has discovered a way to visually tell a story that no one else has tried and the key… is Twitter.




As a Writer, I am constantly stuck with a dilemma; how do I get my story telling abilities out for the world to see?  To have their screenplay actually filmed and released to the public is a huge achievement but very difficult to realize”.


With this is mind, Kristi has decided to use a different approach to getting her stories in front of the public.  She will be using Twitter and its 3rd party applications like Tweetdeck, to tweet out the first Twitter movie over a 3 week live period, using pre filmed footage and photos to supplement the story.


In fact the Production has just wrapped!  The actors filmed themselves using a 1080p Kodak Pocket Zi8 Cam (shooting in 720p mode for online) and a high quality smart mobile phone; the HTC Desire Z.



The HD phone is perfectly adapted for social networking sites and is a key part of the story as Karen Barley uses the phone to tweet.  And it’s a creepy story to follow!







Something strange is happening to Karen Barley....

Karen is convinced by her sinister Boss to take on an outdoors project in an ancient Bronze Age woods in Surrey.  Her boyfriend Darren is excited about the mysterious legend of the Hurst and can’t wait to find a hidden path he’s heard of.

On first appearance the Hurst seems mundane, with traffic and people close by.  But gradually they begin to experience strange sounds and druid like signs.  When Darren discovers the path, he opens a portal that lets in his Other.

Convinced that her boyfriend is trying to frighten her, Karen slowly spirals into a deadly paranoia that result in tragic consequences.  And all the while her madness is played out for all to see as she uses Twitter to tell everyone “what’s happening”.


Barnett says:  This is an experiment in storytelling that has not previously been done.  Let’s show all the struggling writers & filmmakers who are trying to get their stories seen and heard that there is a way to push through the gates.  I hope they’ll use our example to try it themselves”.


Officially called Hurst, you can now start following @KarenBarley on twitter:  www.twitter.com/KarenBarley  or even on facebook:  www.facebook.com/KarenBarley.Hurst


The story will begin end of June!  Follow now and retweet to all.

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